Find an HP Certified Practitioner

Last Name First Name HPC Level Province Affiliation
Brodie Ryan Practitioner BC CSI Pacific
Charbonneau Mathieu Senior QC INS Québec
Epp-Stobbe Amarah Practitioner BC CSI Pacific
George Will Practitioner ON CSI Ontario
Goreham Joshua Practitioner NS CSI Atlantic
Hutchinson Amber Practitioner ON Swim Ontario
Klimstra Marc Practitioner BC CSI Pacific
Musalem Lindsay Practitioner ON CSI Ontario
Way Dana Senior MB Athletics Canada
Wrigley Allan Senior BC Taekwondo Canada
Last Name First Name HPC Level Province Affiliation
Clarke David Practitioner BC CSI Pacific
Clément Julien Practitioner QC INS Québec
Last Name First Name HPC Level Province Affiliation
Benson Brian Leader AB CSI Calgary
Coros Kimberly Practitioner ON CSI Ontario
Edwards Carla Practitioner ON Swim Canada
Kraft Sari Practitioner ON CSI Ontario
Leclerc Suzanne Leader QC INS Québec
McCluskey Walter (Paddy) Senior BC CSI Pacific
Last Name First Name HPC Level Province Affiliation
Boegman Susan Senior BC CSI Pacific
Drager Kelly Practitioner AB CSI Calgary
Dufour Angela Senior NS CSI Atlantic
Erdman Kelly Anne Leader AB CSI Calgary
Hynes Heather Leader SK CSC Saskatchewan
Irvine Joanna Practitioner BC CSI Pacific
Iwasa-Madge Kevin Practitioner ON CSI Ontario
Janzen Jorie Practitioner MB CSC Manitoba
O’Donnell Jessalyn Practitioner BC CSI Pacific
Sesbreno Erik Practitioner QC INS Québec
Springle Nicole Practitioner ON CSI Ontario
Sygo Jennifer Senior ON Athletics Canada
Zoras Vanessa Practitioner BC CSI Pacific
Last Name First Name HPC Level Province Affiliation
Bewski Nicole Practitioner AB CSI Calgary
Bieuzen François Leader QC INS Québec
Challis Graeme Practitioner AB CSI Calgary
Deguire Simon Practitioner QC INS Québec
Gaudet Sylvain Practitioner QC INS Québec
Hutton Stacey Senior BC CSI Pacific
Johnson Elizabeth Leader BC CSI Pacific
Kryski Jessica Senior BC CSI Calgary
Lacroix Melissa Practitioner ON CSI Ontario
Logan-Sprenger Heather Senior ON CSI Ontario
Maw Scott Leader AB CSI Calgary
Paquette Myriam Practitioner QC INS Québec
Quipp Kelly Leader AB CSI Calgary
Reid Stephanie Practitioner BC CSI Pacific
Smit Andrew Practitioner AB CSI Calgary
Stellingwerff Trent Leader BC CSI Pacific
Thornley Leo Leader NS CSI Atlantic
Last Name First Name HPC Level Province Affiliation
Cockle Susan Senior AB Shooting Federation of Canada
DeWolfe Christopher Practitioner NS CSI Atlantic
Dithurbide Lori Practitioner NS CSI Atlantic
Goss Judy Senior ON Skate Canada
Hing Alayne Senior AB CSI Calgary
Hoar Sharleen Practitioner BC CSI Pacific
Hodgins Alex Practitioner BC CSI Pacific
Leslie-Toogood Adrienne Senior MB CSC Manitoba
Leszner Joseph Practitioner ON Wheelchair Basketball Canada
McBride Lauren Practitioner BC CSI Pacific
McDonald Kyle Practitioner SK Hockey Canada
Meikle Fiona Practitioner ON CSI Ontario
Poulos Danielle Senior NS CSI Atlantic
van den Berg Frank Leader AB CSI Calgary
Last Name First Name HPC Level Province Affiliation
Atkins Christine Practitioner BC Hockey Canada
Biafore Claire Leader ON Gymnastics Canada
Blake Tracy Senior ON Sport Physiotherapy Canada
Bucci Remo Leader ON CSI Ontario
Buttle Meghan Senior ON CSI Ontario
Boyd Jami Senior BC Hockey Canada
Churchman Monty Practitioner SASK CSC Saskatchewan
Clegg Heather Practitioner ON Canoe Kayak Canada
Croteaux Félix Practitioner QC INS Québec
Dobney Danielle Practitioner ON Canada Basketball
Healy Melissa Practitioner ON Volleyball Canada
Hodgins Alyse Practitioner ON CSI Ontario
Hutchins Shayne Leader AB CSI Calgary
Hunting Tiffany Practitioner QC Judo Canada
Koome Ayesha Practitioner ON Field Hockey Canada
Lau Elwin Practitioner ON Field Hockey Canada
Lazarski Tara Senior BC Cycling Canada
Lenart Michael Practitioner ON Hockey Canada
Lott Sue Senior BC CSI Pacific
Malcolm Beazley Shelly Leader NS CSI Atlantic
McBride Tricia Practitioner BC Rowing Canada Aviron
McHardy Krista Practitioner ON CSI Ontario
Moser Stefanie Leader ON Gymnastics Canada
Murata Paul Practitioner ON Wheelchair Basketball Canada
Nagata Brett Senior ON Wheelchair Basketball Canada
Nandhra Sandeep Practitioner BC CSI Pacific
Pawlik Jessica Practitioner SASK Canadian Olympic Committee
Purdy Andrea Practitioner AB CSI Calgary
Redman Greg Leader BC Golf Canada
Roberge Josiane Leader QC INS Québec
Rondeau Jean-Sébastien Senior QC INS Québec
Shishkin Rhonda Practitioner SASK Canada Basketball
Smith Sarah Senior BC Canada Soccer
Turner Jenn Leader BC Cycling Canada
Vickery Lauren Practitioner AB CSI Calgary
Wagner Kevin Senior AB CSI Calgary
Last Name First Name HPC Level Province Affiliation
Agar-Newman Dana Practitioner BC CSI Pacific
Aylwin Anna Practitioner AB CSI Calgary
Barnert Jeremiah Senior AB CSI Calgary
Buschmann Lauren Practitioner ON CSI Ontario
Clarke Nick Senior BC CSI Pacific
Cochrane Andrew Practitioner ON CSI Ontario
Cook Michael Practitioner AB Volleyball Canada
Davey Mathew Practitioner BC CSI Pacific
Delorme Alain Leader QC INS Québec
Dodson Kayla Practitioner BC CSI Pacific
Evans Andrew Practitioner BC CSI Pacific
Hathaway Colby Practitioner ON CSI Ontario
Hill Craig Leader BC CSI Pacific
Jordan Matt Leader AB CSI Calgary
Kates Andrew Practitioner BC CSI Pacific
Leduc Guillaume Practitioner BC CSI Pacific
Lenetsky Seth Practitioner BC CSI Pacific
Lewandowski Greg Practitioner ON Cycling Canada
MacDonald Craig Practitioner NS CSI Atlantic
McMullan Stephen Practitioner ON Cycling Canada
McNeely Ed Leader ON CSI Ontario
Meylan Cesar Senior BC Canada Soccer
Morrison Ken Practitioner NS CSI Atlantic
Persad Sheldon Leader ON CSI Ontario
Sharif Meena Practitioner ON CSI Ontario
Sheppard Jeremy Leader BC Canada Snowboard
Steinbach Jeremy Senior NS CSI Atlantic
Taylor Simon Senior BC Field Hockey Canada
Watkin Jeremy Practitioner BC CSI Pacific
Willgress Scott Senior NS CSI Atlantic
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