Data Literacy Modules

Data literacy includes the ability to read, work with, analyse and argue with data. High performance (HP) sport is becoming increasingly data driven, with more emphasis being placed on using data to assess performance, draw conclusions and make decisions regarding athlete programming. As technology continues evolving, the role of data science in high performance sport will keep increasing. Capitalizing on data science will be fundamental to the success of our high performance athletes. As such, data literacy is a vital skill for sport practitioners.

In 2019, Own the Podium formed the Data Sciences and Technology Working Group, the primary task of which was to specify the competencies required for this new discipline. These competencies would serve as a framework for recruiting, developing, and deploying practitioners within this discipline across the HP Canadian sport ecosystem. One of the initial observations from the work of this group is that there exists a mismatch between the needed contemporary data science skills and the capabilities of HP sport practitioners. To that end, one recommendation is to provide opportunities to up-skill practitioners currently involved within the HP Canadian sport system. The Data Science module is a resource for you to refresh your data science knowledge and just one way to support this aim.

Purpose of the Data Science in Sport module: 

As a sport practitioner, understanding data science concepts and applying these skills in your work is one way you can help your athletes perform at their best. In fact, Own the Podium has identified data handling and management as a core competency in its High Performance Certification. In this 60-minute online course, you will learn about and apply data science concepts and skills related to the following topics:

  • Data science fundamentals
  • Planning to investigate performance
  • Managing and preparing data for analysis
  • Analyzing data and communicating results

Modules can be taken at your own pace. 
Approximate time: 30 minutes
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Data Science in Sport Module is designed for practitioners from all sport science and medicine disciplines with a motivation to improve their skillset related to data science. The content will also be applicable to practitioners currently working with HP organisations who wish to refresh their existing knowledge. All members of Sport Scientist Canada have access to the module.
The Data Science in Sport Module covers many data science concepts and skills that will help you improve your data literacy. Here are some of the themes covered:
  • Data science framework
  • Data governance and risk management best practices
  • Data collection and management best practices
  • Measurement properties
  • Data formatting and processing
  • Descriptive and inferential statistics
  • Reporting best practices
The Data Science in Sport Module takes about 60 minutes to complete fully, however the modular structure of the course allows to complete sub-sections periodically over time. It will also be possible to complete the course more than once.
There are numerous resources available across the web to help you build your skills in data science. Some interesting resources are: