April 15, 2021: Current Status of HP Certification is Phase 2 Transfer

Phase 2 is by nomination from NSO or CSI and is targeted to the base level practitioner (3-11 years in HP Sport). If you have been nominated, you will be contacted directly by email. 

Note: We are currently sending invitations to nominated practitioners in waves. The waves are designed to control the number of submissions received over the next several months according to our Reviewer capacity. 

Phase 2 Transfer will close in October 2021. In 2022 an open application will be launched on the SSC Website for non-nominated practitioners to apply.

Once all Transfer practitioners are completed, your HP Certification will become active, and your SSC Practitioner Membership will be converted to an SSC HP Certified Membership. 

About HP Certified Membership

The High Performance Certified membership (HPC) comprises the qualifications and competencies required for sport scientists to uphold standards and enhance the daily training environment (DTE) of high performance sport in Canada.  The certification is designed to ensure that the system employs skilful, qualified practitioners who deliver safe and effective service to athletes and coaches.  A central goal of the Certification is to develop, attract, and retain exceptional practitioners in Canada.

The HPC is obtained through a competency-based evaluation at three levels of the practitioner pathway (Practitioner, Senior, Leader) 

The HPC is a Sport Scientist Canada program under the leadership of Own The Podium, developed in consult with our Canadian sport partner organizations. 

HPC supports the Canadian sport system by:

  • Providing validated credentials across all sport science disciplines
  • Promoting clarity through the use of common language and standards across the network
  • Increasing effectiveness of practitioners working in high-performance sport
  • Defining the career pathway which describes the development required to meet expected standards in HP Sport 
  • Increasing sport science community engagement, knowledge translation, and connection as a benefit of membership
  • Providing valuable audit information to allow the system to monitor and enhance the development of sport scientists in Canada
  • Providing professional development tool for practitioners and their employers

For the purpose of this program, HPC adheres to the following principles

  • Certification is a voluntary process by which a nongovernmental entity grants a time-limited recognition to an individual after verifying that he or she has met predetermined and standardized criteria
  • To become certified, an individual must meet eligibility requirements and pass an assessment 
  • Certification is voluntary and the individual does not need to be certified in order to engage in a given occupation
  • The certification assessment may cover a broad area of knowledge and skill at entry, specialty, or advanced levels
  • Certified practitioners will have ongoing requirements to maintain their certifications, such as continuing education and retesting 

Frequently Asked Questions

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