Our Memberships

Sport Scientists Canada provides three types of memberships that entitle the sport scientist to a number of resources and professional development opportunities. Each membership is attributed a range of benefits in terms of resources and access to Sport Scientist Canada initiatives and events.

High Performance Certified Membership

This membership is automatically assigned to practitioners who have been awarded the High Performance Certification (HPC). These sport scientists have met the qualification standard for their respective scientific discipline and have successfully passed an evaluation of high performance competencies.


Professional Membership

Practitioners possessing a Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral degree in a field related to sport and exercises science who have current association or college registration (where applicable) and are practising in the Canadian sport system providing service, guidance, or mentorship to a National Sport Organization (NSO), Canadian Sport Institute or Centre (COPSIN) or multi-sport organization (MSO).



Students enrolled in either a university degree (Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral) or college diploma program in Canada, focused on the study of sport and exercise science. Enrolled in either a formal or informal internship within a National Sport Organization (NSO), Canadian Sport Institute or Centre (COPSIN) or multi-sport organization (MSO).


Affiliate Membership - COMING SOON

Designed for Canadian sport administrators and coaches with an interest in the field of performance sciences, research and innovation. This membership is reserved for those working with Olympic, Paralympic and Next Gen athletes in Canada.


Membership Benefits

FeaturesHP CertifiedProfessionalStudentAffiliate




Receive Sport Scientist Canada updates and Newslettercheck markcheck markcheck markcheck mark
Access to SSC Position and Consensus Statementscheck markcheck markcheck markcheck mark
Access to Journal Articles and SPORTDiscuscheck markcheck markcheck markcheck mark
SPIN Summit Annual Discountscheck markcheck markcheck markcheck mark
Access to SSC Workshops and Webinarscheck markcheck markcheck markcheck mark
Access SPIN Summit SSC Discipline Meetingcheck markcheck markcheck mark
Access to e-learning modules on Sport Scientist Canada websitecheck markcheck mark
check mark
Access to SPIN Summit Multimedia Librarycheck markcheck mark

Access to Innovation 4 Gold (I4G) & Mitacs Librarycheck mark

Access to National Protocols & Best Practice Librarycheck mark

Access to Women in Sport Science Professional Development Programcheck mark

Access to LEAD Professional Development Program for Sport Scientistscheck mark

Eligible for SSC National Committee rolescheck mark



Is there a cost to becoming a member?

No. The membership packages do not cost a fee. There are specific criteria that must be satisfied for each membership. An application must be submitted to be provided a membership.

How do I renew a membership?

The HP Certified membership will require a collection of Professional Development points.  The Professional membership requires an annual renewal.  The Student membership requires evidence of continuing study to process student membership renewal.

Why does the High Performance Certified Membership not start until 2022?

As a new program, the existing practitioners of the Canadian Olympic & Paralympic Sport Institute are being assessed against the competency framework and being prepared to assume the ‘certified’ status following a rigorous transition process.

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