Skate Canada’s Safe Sport Program Releases Positive Body Positive Guidelines

On December 11, 2020 Skate Canada released their Body Positive Guidelines. Under Skate Canada’s National Safe Sport Program, these guidelines contribute to the program’s goal of promoting awareness and education around protecting the skating community from physical and emotional injury. The Body Positive Guidelines provide a sport specific guide to understanding elements that impact body image and offers resources to assist in promoting a healthy and safe training and competition environment.  These guidelines were created from collaborative work of Skate Canada’s integrated support team (IST).  The contribution from each IST discipline highlights the important takeaway that all sport scientists can assist in prevention and education on fostering a positive body image environment.
Situations involving improper body composition testing and use of results, body comments and eating issues are not isolated to the sport of figure skating.  It is important that every sport educates its participants, coaches, and staff regarding the development of negative body image and potentially eating issues.  As anyone can be part of the problem, so to can everyone be part of the solution!

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