A System for Quantifying the Shooting Characteristics and Performance of Canadian National Team Biathletes

The goal of the I4G project was to assess the current data sources and workflow infrastructure, determine automation efficiencies, acquire software and hardware with the goal to analyze shooting in Canadian national team biathletes. Key data sources and analytical tools have been acquired for the assessment of rifle movement in training and competition. The developed data analysis tool will allow for future iterations of outcome metrics based on feedback from coaches and the NSO. Although the primary focus of the project is to measure and report on shooting analytics, we are actively integrating the identified confounding measures of physiology and environmental conditions related to this project through athletes’ wearable devices, Training Peaks, Edge10 and weather stations. These factors will be pivotal for the shooting analysis workflow in providing a foundation for subsequent research in this area, such as strategizing pacing into the range, heart rate recovery and shooting success going forward. By combining learnings from this and other projects we hope to develop data collection and management processes that improve the analytics and reporting efficiency for all partners and groups within the Canadian sport system.

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