The Making of the 'World's Greatest Athlete'


Join Damian Warner and his physiotherapist Dave Zelibka as they look back at their nine-year journey to the top of the Olympic podium. In this dynamic discussion moderated by Senior Gunn IMS instructor Cory Choma they will examine:
  • How they manage the delicate balance between training and recovery
  • The benefits of using an injury prevention model instead of an injury treatment model
  • Damian's first experiences with dry needling and how their approach evolved through trial and error
  • How the Gunn IMS model helped Damian recover from and avoid overuse injuries throughout his career
  • Why desensitization of the nervous system is a crucial component even in elite athletes
  • How Dave incorporated Gunn IMS dry needling into a complex training and competition schedule
  • And much more
The discussion will be followed by a live Q&A dedicated to answering attendees' questions.   Register Now for Free